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February 09, 2009



What's remarkable is that what would have been done to the child had the doctor arrived in time to do the D&X is much more graphically barbaric than what happened (also, horrific) but no one would have made a peep.

Very sad.

I find it ironic that the mother is suing (partly) because of emotional stress resulting from watching her daughter being murdered. She was complicitous in this murder which would not have happened had she not pursued an abortion. The DA ought to list her as a co-conspirator if the mother in fact thinks that a murder has taken place. I only have sympathy for the child in this case.

Robert Casteline: Very well said.

I have sympathy for both the mother and the child.

What I find puzzling is the mother's case is built on having observed the murder her daughter's and the ensuing psychological trauma. This seems to imply that if she had been blindfolded and had her ears plugged, it would have been all right.

That's one problem I have with abortion: the destruction of the child is out of mind and out of sight to the mother. I honestly do not understand how a doctor could ever perform such an act without injuring his or her conscience beyond repair.

Why was the doctor's license revoked? Ultimately, the baby was murdered, which was everyone's goal. Why are people so up in arms with a difference in the child's position (6-12 inches on the inside or the outside of the mother's stomach)??

Oh wait, now I remember, because when the child is in the mother, its no one's business, a leech/parasite, part of the woman's body, , however, its murder when the baby is outside of the mother. No one knows its a human until AFTER the baby is born. Silly me.

Do anyone of you know how hard it is to explain to a child that they live in a country where it is 1) legally permissable to do this, and 2)there are people that will do this, 3) people that want this to be done in light of other alternatives.

The look on my eight year old's face is one that shamed me (as a parent looking to give my kids everything) and should embarrass any pro-choice/abortion advocate.

There is forgiveness to anyone that has had one, but everyone has to know that this is murder, plain and simple.

I was letting Robert and Jesse's comments sink in a bit and it really made me think about what had been done and the silliness of the lawsuit. I mean, what did the girl think was gonna happen when she had an abortion?

did she not realize that she had a human baby growing inside her?

She is traumatized? Think about her child. At least she is here. her human child apparently suffocated to death.

Think about the other person there, the person that with no afterthought picked the baby up, tossed it into a TRASHBAG and flung it in the garbage. That person is a member of our society that is able to walk around in public.

the type of mother, doctor, and assistant...and president that can do those types of things are why I am concerned about our country and world.

I personally do not think the mother realized that the life in her womb was a human being, a person, a valuable child until she saw the baby gasping for air.

As for the person who disposed of the baby, I do not think I want to know what was going through her mind.

But you're right, it also makes me deeply concerned for our country and world.

I have very little doubt that the woman in the botched abortion story is gold digging despite this quote:

"This is not about a pot of gold," said Tom Pennekamp, her attorney. "What this is about is right and wrong and making a statement, making sure it doesn't happen to other young women."

I'm not suggesting that hes distress isn't real, but the greater wrong is her own doing.

The video of the pro-life 12 year old is uplifting--she'll do well in life I believe. Her parents are to be commended

After reading the article, I am thoroughly freaked out.

It's too bad this story didn't surface during the election season...

I have a lady at my job that I am prolife witnessing to. I have barely scratched the surface of the plethora of tools from the prolife video available at STR to parry her arguments (all without bruising the fruit).

Just to give you an idea, her strongest argument is rape and incest situations.

i brought this event up and was "amazed" that her stomach turned and thought that she was about to start crying. She was visibly upset as I described what had happened (I just reported the facts, nothing over the if the facts arent scary enough).

I had her recover a bit and asked "well, the article may have left out the "fact" that it was from a rape or incest situation. Should that make a difference?

The lady stared at me for a good period of time and then said that she needed to go "process" this info and walked away.

I dont want to reduce this horrible tragedy to a life lesson, but us prolifers need to be engaging the public with these events so that they are not swept under the rug.

Just some food for thought.

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