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March 30, 2009


As the mayor of Funnytown, I would like to hear one of the "interesting/funny story that resulted from its being in Vegas for the past two years."

Me too! Story!

I will gladly tell anyone in person who shows up to the conference this year. ;)

Thanks.... thanks... thanks.... I thank you so much for post. I am seeking online to where i can share my interest too..
I'm a christian youth leader here in Philippines and a BS Information Technologgy graduate. I am looking for ways and how I can use my skills for HIS glory.
I'm practicing in the field of Computer Graphics and Animation. And I know It is for His great purpose why He put me here.
Please keep in touch... send me some updates and infos... I will come to the conference. Please include me in your prayers.

Charlie M. Mina
Gensan, Philippines

Charlie, you're welcome! It looks like their website is down right now, but you should be able to get all the information from there, and there should be a way to contact them there with any questions, as well.

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