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March 30, 2009


As the mayor of Funnytown, I would like to hear one of the "interesting/funny story that resulted from its being in Vegas for the past two years."

Me too! Story!

I will gladly tell anyone in person who shows up to the conference this year. ;)

Thanks.... thanks... thanks.... I thank you so much for post. I am seeking online to where i can share my interest too..
I'm a christian youth leader here in Philippines and a BS Information Technologgy graduate. I am looking for ways and how I can use my skills for HIS glory.
I'm practicing in the field of Computer Graphics and Animation. And I know It is for His great purpose why He put me here.
Please keep in touch... send me some updates and infos... I will come to the conference. Please include me in your prayers.

Charlie M. Mina
Gensan, Philippines
email: bab2all@yahoo.com

Charlie, you're welcome! It looks like their website is down right now, but you should be able to get all the information from there, and there should be a way to contact them there with any questions, as well.

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