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March 10, 2009


Robert George nailed it in his article, "Obama's Abortion Extremism," when he said that it seems (based on his voting record) that Mr. Obama won't support research unless it kills an embryo.

Seems we may have put a domestic terrorist in the White House.

Instead of a belt full of TNT, he wields a pen.

"or destroying, discarding, or subjecting to harm a human embryo or fetus."

Am I missing something? Sounds like the Obama policy will preclude ESCR if the Embryo is destroyed or subject to harm. Isn't that the case with current ESCR?

No, the order that refused funding for research that destroys embryos--the order you're quoting--was revoked.

Our hope is that this doesn't actually mean they're ceasing all funding for non-embryo-destroying stem cell research, but only that they had to revoke the order so that they could also fund the destroying kind. The revoking of the order may just be a technicality, but they will continue to fund all kinds. Right now, people on the web are saying otherwise, but we can hope.

ESCR already faces a myriad of very tough problems (the main one being that no one understands the environments that lead to differentiation). Since the transformation of a differentiated cell into a pluripotent cell is an enormous problem in itself, I would expect that the removal of restrictions on destructive methods will effectively stop all research on non-destructive methods. People aren't going to want to spend years working on a difficult problem if they don't have to. Sadly, I think the people making the funding decisions are now going to see no reason not to pursue destructive methods, making non-destructive methods essentially a waste of money from their perspective.

President Obama has no Constitutional authority to do this.

God Bless America !! How can He when we (Americans) kill our kids and embryos that become kids. I believe God will soon-if not now- judge and punish America.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Obama once an embryonic stem cell?

What does he mean that science will now be free of political ideology? Doesn't science tell us that we can trace the unique DNA of every human being back to the moment of his/her conception? Wasn't our mother's womb our original EPA?

It stands to reason that DNA stands for "Do Not Abort."

You are absolutely right. I continue to be baffled at how such a scientifically dubious and ethically troublesome practice can recieve 100% support from one political point of view and the media.

Executive Order 13435 mandates funding for stem cell research that doesn't destroy embryos. In overturning it, Obama was overturning the MANDATE for non-embryonic stem cell research. He was not revoking the AUTHORIZATION to fund non-embryonic stem cell research.

There is no federal ban on non-embryonic stem cell research, and Obama's recent executive order did not create one.

Correction: the last line should read "There is no ban on federal funding for non-embryonic stem cell research, and Obama's recent executive order did not create one."

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