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March 05, 2009


If a health care professional refuses to refer the patient to an abortion clinic, is that considered a prosecutable offense? Or a case of medical negligence that could be taken to court? Do you know of any info. about this?

Couldent they just solve it by as they stated, placing people who wouldent mind referring someone to a place where they could get an abortion? Thats pretty rotten to jack someones job out if they refuse to referr somebody.

Now this is fascinating,

She vetoed parental-notification legislation and safety regulations to protect patients from filthy conditions found in a Kansas abortion clinic.

In light of this, is the pro-choice movement really about protecting women and keeping them safe?

This is even more fascinating ...

"And for the life of me, I do not understand how the two pro-life Kansas Senators could congratulate and support Sebelius' nomination."

As long as we have these phony(?) pro-lifers, the cause isn't going anywhere.

Would Sam Brownback congratulate the nomination of a serial killer known to rip unwanted children limb to limb? If no, then his support shows that he doesn't get the fundamental argument against abortion.

Melinda, thanks for providing your always-erudite analysis. Whom, would you say, are the best government officials for us to contact on this issue? Just elected federal representatives? Or is there some way to communicate directly with HHS?

What can they be thinking?


And I do mean the church.

Hi Ron

If the mothers life wasn't really in danger, they were thinking that the unborn children didn't deserve to die, even though their father was a rapist.


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