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March 29, 2009


I hope there are more guests and talkative ones at that. A little worried for Greg. Three hours is a lot of talking.


He better have a replacement for those days he is struggling through a cold. If my recollection serves me, he had a tough time getting through two hours. Making it through three with a sore throat would be rough.

I see more interviews in the future with this format. Also, a good opportunity for informal debates. Also, more of the staff can become involved, which is a good thing. Hey, there could be a new section: "Melinda's Metaphysical Minutes" on the 1/2 hour!

Woohoo! Are the full 3 hours going to be in the podcast?

Awesome, guys! Congrats and blessings on this next step.

Carmen's secret evil plan: All STR, All Day Long.:-)

bring back the saturday show too!

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