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March 27, 2009


I think you meant "foul" instead of "fowl".

The themes and thoughts in this lengthy essay mirror many of my own expectations, observations, and reactions to Spencer's piece. There is definitely a need for new leaders to step up with clear, intellectual and theologically strong groundings, and we do have a lot of ground to cover and regain in strengthening members with meat instead of milk.

Also, I think you meant "isolate" instead of "incubate". Otherwise, an excellent and encouraging post. I don't see the author of the OP - is it you, Melinda?

Stand To Reason has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Nice response to this article.
And, spot on.
Movements always die.
The Church will never.

Your objections seem to be against a caricature and media distortions of his writing. I read the original blog posts he made and he very clearly brought out the same aspects you did. He clearly feels evangelicalism does not equal the total of Christianity and that this could be a good thing and that God will bring his Church through and was speaking of evangelicalism as a movement, not as Christianity itself.

I say this as a long time listener and supporter of STR, I just don't feel you were fair on that.

I did really like your view on politics impinging on morality and religion, not the other way around. That is a valid point he did not bring up in the article.

Excellent insights...very encouraging!

Interesting thoughts. I liked this one particularly:

"Many churches have been teaching and making disciples from this heritage all along, and they have the model that will serve the church as we equip Christians and engage the culture with the new challenge at hand."

For those interested: Articles, video and audio relevant to this "heritage" and "theological foundation" on which Christianity is to be structured can be viewed at:


"Many churches have been teaching and making disciples from this heritage all along, and they have the model that will serve the church"

Which churches do you have in mind?

Hopefully the greatest effect of this realignment is the renewal of the difference between fundamentalist Christianity and mainstream Christianity. The former will inherit the assets while the latter seek relevance through community service, spiritual formation, and artistic expression in communities more adept at pluralism. Were that Unitarians were meek enough to inherit the earth... ;-)

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