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April 07, 2009


Over the years, Harvey has been more vocal in his faith. This was good to see. However, I would give my left hand to have seen Bernie Mack do this. "America, can you believe what God is about to do??"

Comes across as sincere - that's for sure! Wonder if there was any expression of the need for repentance and following the Lord every day and in every way...not just feeling emotional.


I'm not familiar with him other than seeing his name and face. But wow!

That wasn't bad.

But i'm tellin you - there is only ONE way to introduce the lord to a crowd.


Reverend Brown on YouTube

This(Steve Harvey's) is now my all time favorite video. Fantastic intro.

That was powerful. I wish I would have been there. If I ever get a chance to see Harvey in person I will. I didn't know he's a Christian.

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