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May 22, 2009


That was a good clip. It’s nice to see television raise the possibility that the moderns who, as Nietzsche pointed out, sigh ‘I know not which way to turn; I am everything that knows not which way to turn,’ stare into nothing but existential darkness, despair, and decadence. Who would have thought that ER would have proposed for discussion the possibility that the weak psychologizing coddlers who offer only patronizing therapy offer no way out of despair.

As someone who has been a 24 fan from the start of the show, I was deeply saddened by they way this season ended.

It seemed obvious that 24 finally kowtowed to the liberal complaints it has been taking for years. In all honesty the idea of a national hero being lambasted before the US Senate after saving the country for atomic bombs was just silly. I was willing to go along with it though it to see if they could develop it into an interesting story.

Instead they spent the season unpacking how all that Jack had done was shameful and things he should answer for, with little mention for the millions of people in LA who would have nothing but lifelong gratefulness for his actions.

All of this leading to the final two scenes in which Jack 24 decided to commit revisionist history and re-shape Jack. Rather than being courageous and sure about standing up to moral evil that sought to hurt innocents, Jake could only muster up that he had done what was right for him.

That being the case it made it even more absurd Jake would seek atonement from a Muslim. Never mind that the Muslim faith lacks any type of resource or truth to offer a dying man who is in search of forgiveness. Such pandering made me turn off the show right there and realize that 24 had shifted from caring about an honest story that sought to wrestle with complex issues, to simply trying to appease those who would slander it.

I am done with 24 and am sad that it had to end on this note.

Thank God we still have LOST, which continues to delve deep into metaphysical questions and wrestle with true redemption.

Whos Jack "Bayer"?

What does "whos" mean?

Well...since Muslims worship a false god anyway, is there not a grim irony in advising Jack just to forgive himself?

I confess that I enjoy television and films and often try to look for the good in them...but they inevitably let us down at some point. Perhaps people like Doug Groothuis are right - tv and movies just aren't worth our time!...Oh, but I will miss 'Lost'! :) And Star Trek was great!

"Who's" Jack "Bayer"?

STR's obsession with "24" isn't healthy. Please consider challenging yourselves with Jane Mayer's The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals (Doubleday, 2008).


Is it really an "obsession?"

I think it's appropriate to comment on and evaluate one of the country's more popular shows...and quite healthy when it's done here, in particular.

Maybe it was the initial comment about the "discussion" of Jack's relativism continuing at the STR office that sparked your comment.

Nonetheless, Jack is a character designed by the mindset and worldview of some influential, behind-the-scenes folks. Many of those in the entertainment industry are as much in the social engineering field (shhhh, we're not supposed to know that) as those in the socio-political power positions in this nation.

It is appropriate - and it is our duty - to hold them accountable as well.

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