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May 15, 2009


Why didn't you give your take on it?

I believe it happened just like it says Joe. God created the creatures of the sea and the birds of the air and every living species. I don't find the order as important as you do though. As far as the total length of the Creation, I don't have a solid answer for that to be honest with you. The Bible says a day is like a 1000 years for the Lord. As far as a definite time table of minutes and hours would be hard to say.

The order matters, becuase it's a way to test the hypothesis. The geological evidence contradicts the hypothesis; the order given in Genesis is not correct.

if Genesis is intended to be literal history, then geology does not support Genesis . That is, if we read Genesis as you say that you do, then geology does not "make things more convinsing to Creation".

So you come to this conclusion because you say that reptiles came first, right? Is that how you see Genesis, order wise?

Yes! Haven't we covered this already? If you want me to read Genesis in some way other than the obvious, then you need to explain more clearly what that way is and/or what you are talking about.

The first line of Genesis 1:20 states, "Let the water teem with living creatures". You can take that how you want it but I don't think geology has much to do with that. I think you have confused yourself or something. I would think reptiles could fall under the living creatures catagory if you will but apperantly you are seeing something else...

I take "let the waters teem with living creatures" to be a reference to the creation of aquatic species. "Aquatic species" does not include terrestrial reptiles, dinosaurs and mammals, all of which appear in the geological record long before birds. I would also add that "trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it" do not appear in the geological record until long, long after aquatic animals appear, and yet according to Genesis, their creation proceeds the the creation of any animals.

Good point! Aquatic Species could actually include dinosaurs though. I read an article on that, but yet it was still debatable. As I said before, a year to the Lord is like a 1000 years so as far time tables of reptiles, birds and fruits being created I can not give you. It still has no effect on me as far as the Creation is concerned. I think it is irrelevant. I think the Creation accounts are very accurate accourding to nature though. That is where fine tuning comes in, but that's a whole nother can o' worms. You still can't convince me with your study of Geology and the Creation events. Genesis lays it out beautifully weather your opinion. Weather birds or reptiles the Creation account I think is very accurate and reliable. Geology doesn't have enough grunt to disrupt the Creation account!

Aquatic dinosaurs do not appear in the fossil record until long, long after the appearance of terrestrial reptiles and dinosaurs.

>You still can't convince me with your study of Geology and the Creation events.

Ah, now that I can believe.

May not appear that way huh.... One might question!

I'm glad I have presented something you can believe!

Just an article for you to gander at. I'm sure you will have a feild day with it but I like it!

Why do we keep blurring the line between Catholic ( church state, like Islam) and Christian ( the very opposite of church state, just an individual relationship with God, no church needed). A lot of things would become much clearer if we quit fogging the glass with this. Like for instance, our new collective gov state in the U.S. as opposed to the now decimated gov. by the individual. Whether run by a church state or a gov state, your freedom is lost. Christians and Catholics have two totally different histories, but Christians don't try to steal the Catholic history. We are not Protestant either, watered down Catholic statists. Christians need not church at all, zero, only Chist.

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