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May 21, 2009


Good that we are getting a more accurate accounting of numbers of actual Christians.

However, it also implies that Christianity is having less influence on culture than ever.

Oh mark you wonderful man.

or we didnt really have it to begin with. at least not the right kind of influence. we were good at holding power over folks by our will and lobbying power. we'll see how good we are at loving and serving people into the kingdom. good post.

"we'll see how good we are at loving and serving people into the kingdom. good post."

Buff words

I have just finished reading a book,Christianity In Crisis 21st Century. What a sad commentary.

Mark's suggestion is just a theory without any tangible reference. It assumes what it hopes to prove by starting with the idea that those who are changing their identity from Christian to non-Christian were not Christians to begin with. While this may be true, it might just as likely be true that people who met Mark's definition of having a personal transformation and regularly reading the Bible later on decided to renounce their faith. The poll apparently did not ask why people changed their profession.

Or, if it indicates a trend not of personal changes but of mortality and birthrate (older Christians dying and the new generation not professing as much) then this seems more due to a hindered witness among the church than cultural climate change.

Or, if you are Calvinist, then perhaps you would appeal to the mystery of omniscience regarding who is elect ANYWAY, so the polls would reveal no meaningful information.

Whatever way, the poll does not seem to support or undermine Mark's suggestion. It remains just as likely a cause as the obvious alternative, namely that Christians are changing their minds. Since for many Christians this is either an undesired or impossible occurrence, Mark's theory is a reasonable potential explanation. I think other polling could be done to assess the reasons for this change.

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