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May 30, 2009


"Can you imagine the response if I approached two random Americans?"

I thought lots of Muslims are Americans...

The latest edition of Christian Research Journal features an excellent article on the difference between the 2 major Sects of Islam, the Sunni & the Shia. The facts were fascinating and would be a great resource to use in formulating questions in this sort of witnessing venue. It would be interesting to hear what the 'average Muslim on the street' has to say about the doctrine of the different Sects and how closely they are 'lived-out' in everyday life.

I've experienced the same openness regarding ultimate issues/religion when talking with American muslims. I actually find much more in common with, and can relate much more "on the same level" with the muslims I know than with nominal Christians, agnostics, and atheists I know.


I couldn't agree with you more. Have you taken Lingel's class "Apologetics to Islam?" There is something very refreshing about talking with Muslims.

I'm American and I would be delighted if someone asked me to discuss things of God.

Hi Alan,

Adam has a good point: Pew estimates there are 800 thousand native-born adult Muslim Americans.


I can't speak for the random American, but I'm an American and a non-believer and I'd love to talk with you (or any of the STR staff) about God and religion for a couple of hours.
So if you are ever near Ann Arbor, MI, let me know. (My email comes along with this comment.) I've done this sort of thing a couple of times before and it's my turn to pay. :)


>>I thought lots of Muslims are Americans...

I think Alan was contrasting random Americans versus Muslim Americans that he sought out specifically. Random versus specifically chosen, not American versus non-American.

And BTW, I'll be in Grand Rapids in a couple weeks. Is that close? :)

I work with many Muslims. Both them and I, as a Christian, get along better with each other then we do with the other Secular Americans. We can talk honestly and openly about the troubles of abortion and homosexuality in culture. Or we can talk about errors is Neo-Darwinian Evolution. There is more freedom whereas Secular Americans are often closed minded.

Secular AMericans are very close minded I agree.


I just happened to come back to this post and see you are coming to GR MI. Maybe you already did? It is a bit of a hike from AA but not out of the question. Has your trip already taken place? Maybe you were at the ex-gay conference?


No, I haven't been to GR yet--I'll be at Acton next week (www.acton.org).

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