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May 15, 2009


Glad to hear you have become a Lostie. I have never seen a show like this that can keep one's mind engaged at such a level. It truly is a gift from God to not only have that kind of creativity, but to cultivate and channel it into something that is so intriguing.

I will tell you that (like almost every other show ever created), the creators did not start out with a plan for the entire series (even though it would appear that way do to the intricacies of the overlapping stories). I was watching the Season 1 DVD and the creators said that Jack was originally supposed to die in the Pilot episode, if that gives you an idea.

You may already be aware of this, but there are layers of the show that go beyond what you see on TV. For even more background and explanations of what things mean (like the numbers, etc.) check out the Lostpedia site. It really helped to clarify some of the overall storyline for me.

"Lost" is a creative venture that elevates its storytelling medium. It's nice to see something reasonably cerebral on network television that promotes so much discussion on topics such as philosophy and predestination.

It IS creative; it IS engaging; it IS addictive; it IS heretical. As I watched season 1 DVDs to catch up on episodes I had missed, there was one episode that was absolutely blasphemous, in my opinion. It's been several years since I viewed this so I don't remember the exact episode ... but it contained a black man who had been very evil, then "came to God". He said some very odd things about our Lord Jesus Christ. Although I became convicted not to continue viewing this series, I catch myself tuning in sometimes (shame on me). When I do, I never fail to identify some eastern mysticism etc. ... or at least beliefs antithetical to our Christian beliefs. One would probably be wise to pay attention to the names of the individuals involved in putting this series together ... I think those names provide a clue to the world view being portrayed.

I have never before responded to a blog (anywhere!), but feel compelled b/c I respect Greg so much. I listen to him faithfully on AFR and have learned so very much about defending our faith.

Satan and his demons appear as "angels" of light. Just b/c something exhibits incredible creativity, does that mean it is worthy of our consideration?

Spoken with love in Christ ...

I've been waiting for you guys or to talk about this show. I've been a HUGE fan since day one. It's always had TONS of material to mine on man's nature, philosophy and good and evil.
Glad to see you finally show up to the party. :-)

I think it is a mistake to think that Lost is a Christian show and assume that it will lay out a purely Christian world view. The show has characters and themes representing various philosophies, religions and world views. Just because a particular world view gets a voice on the show does not mean it is bad or wrong to watch the show. There is nothing else on network TV asking the kinds of questions that Lost is asking or touching the topics Lost is touching. And I think that is a very good thing.

I think I remember the line about Jesus you are talking about so I looked it up. Eko, the black man you referenced, was describing John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. He says "This told John something -- that he had cleansed this man of all his sins." Eko was previously a drug dealer/crime lord. His brother was a Catholic priest. He didn't know Christian theology. Not sure if it was intentional by the writers or not, but he wouldn't necessarily know Jesus was without sin. He did, however, baptise Claire's baby. He also carried a large stick with John 3:05 carved on it which served as a guide for John Locke.

As for the people making the shows, your comment sounds a bit anti-semitic. Yes, J.J. Abrams is jewish, as is Damon Lindelof, one of the main writers. The other writer, Carlton Cuse, is Catholic. Here is an interesting quote from an article about the show:
Lost's impressive evolution has been fueled by other (friendly) tensions as well. Season 1 was largely shaped by the like-minded compatibility of co-creators Abrams and Lindelof: fantasy fans, comics geeks, and all-around pop savants. But since Abrams accepted his impossible mission, Lindelof has been piloting Lost with his friend and longtime colleague Cuse. Their collaboration is most clearly evident in season 2's Jack-Locke reason-versus-faith theme, inspired by the spiritual worldviews of Lindelof (Jewish and empirical-minded) and Cuse (Catholic and willing to leap beyond logic). ''The collision of our perspectives plays out on the show,'' says Cuse, who cites Narnia as one touchstone for the kind of fantastical otherworld Lost is trying to create. ''Both of us are searching for the answers to the bigger questions of how you lead a meaningful life, and we've chosen to use the show to explore those questions.''

They are asking questions on this show and presenting different views, nobody is going to agree with everything said by every character.
And, as they say here and I've heard from them numerous other times, the Narnia books are a main source of influence and they suggest that viewers read them to gain insight into the show.

When this show is done, it will be watched and rewatched to pick apart details, and in the process, those doing the viewing will be asking themselves questions about what they believe and why they believe it, people that may not have done that type of introspection otherwise.
I think that is a great thing.

I have had amazing spiritual conversation with un-believers because of lost. It has been a great gateway for me to use "Tactics" and put a rock in the shoe of lost people and getting them to thinking about metaphysical realities.

Lost is hands down the best show on TV and possibly ever. I have continually underestimated Lost and time and again it has elevated beyond what any network shoe I have ever seen accomplish. Everyone should do themselves a favor and watch it.

I am convinced that people have no idea how amazing Lost is, even the people that really like it. Its pretty fuggin phenominal

What I believe shouldn't go unmentioned is the writers' use of historical figures in their character development. One need only search wikipedia for the names Rousseau (Jean-Jacques the political philosopher, vs Danielle the researcher), John Locke and Jeremy Bentham (the social and political philosophers, vs the plane crash survivor and his clever pseudonym) to get a mere taste. No doubt the use of names like Faraday and Hawking are no coincidence either. Most of these suggest an unfortunate personal bent of the writers away from Christian spirituality, but I've gained considerably by researching them and using the info as conversation changers in my personal bent toward apologetics.

I'm still trying to get over the fact that "Christian Shephard" is an alcoholic known for flying overseas to cheat on his wife. hmm..

Don't for get Charlotte Staples Lewis.

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