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May 18, 2009


It seems to me that the reasons goal posts move in the first place is that people are often not willing to be convinced. Defining the goal post may help surface the unfair bias (e.g. I'll believe in God if He appears so I can see Him.) In those situations where the goal post itself is unreasonable, then what? Do you just call them on it? If so, how? Or are there other approaches?

I had a person say to me one time that if God appeared to him, he'd just think he was crazy and check himself into a mental hospital. He couldn't think of anything that could convince him of God's existence.

I think that in some cases, people move the goal post because they don't know themselves what would convince them. They might think they'd be convince under certain circumstances, but once they are put in that circumstance, they discover that they still are not convinced, and they have no choice but to move the goalpost. I don't think we can really blame people for not being convinced by the evidence we present. As J.P. Moreland has often pointed out, our beliefs are not under the direct control of the will. And, as Ronald Nash has pointed out, whether evidence will be convincing to a person or not depends on their entire noetic structure.

Sam I agree wholheartedly. Truly truly truly I am convinced that while we must always do our best to serve God and evangelize (in all of its various forms), it really isint up to us to convince anyone.

Very insightful, Sam. I think goalpost moving is often not intentional, so it's probably not useful to just point out "hey you're moving the goalposts!"

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