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May 20, 2009


Im having trouble reconsiling the blog title with the posT? cAn SoMeOnE iLLuMiNatE mE?

Basically part of the law was allowing religious institutions to decline marrying same sex couples and other legal protection to religious organizations.

Because that wording was in the bill, it did not pass. In other words until there is zero protection for religious freedom they will not pass the bill. And the governor will not pass the bill until there is protection for religious organizations. So it's basically a stand off at this point.

I had to read the original Reuters article myself since I was confused to :) Just click on the Reuters link and hopefully that should clear things up.

to = too
in my previous post :)

Ah! Very good. thankyou!

I've got an idea! Let's force religious folk to officiate wedding ceremonies for homosexuals. Now that's tolerance!

You know what heterosexuals do if a minister turns them down? They find another man to perform the ceremony... or Elvis...

Shouldn’t the legislation be more concerned about providing separate gay and straight restroom facilities and locker rooms?

How would you like being in the military or High School gym class being ogled by the people next to you, with full approval of the system?

If this stuff becomes common place, they need to pay for it and have separate gay and straight facilities at every level.

Or at least have restroom signs read "Butch Lesbians-Straight Guys" or Gay Men-Hetero Women" etc.

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