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June 12, 2009


Heyyyyy its my schoolllll yeahhhhhh.

i miss it.

>> "First, I spent the majority of my time shoulder-to-shoulder with the students"

This is actually really important. Most people arent familiar with the power of body language.

When your engaged in the art of influence, always always approach the mark at a 45 degree angle.

If you come from behind, you startle them. And if you come dead on, they get confrontational thoughts.

Strongly recommend:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Cialdini

Can you recall and post some of the conversations? Perhaps just key statements the students made and your questions and responses?

I've found that body postitioning and posture go a long way in starting out a conversation in a gentle and friendly manor. After that, listening is key.

It is great to see Alan's ambassador skills at work. I'm finishing up Tactics and have learned so much about aproaching people in a non-confrontational manor. It is the only way to be productive.

Well done!

Side note:

I realize this is not the point of the post, but this sentence stood out to me:

"Of course, all of them said abortion should remain legal."

To me, this speaks of the insanity of this world. What kind of world do we live in where it is expected and assumed - and the assumption proved correct! - that most people think infant murder is acceptable? What manner of brainwashing has gone on in these students' lives that at such a young age, 18-22, they think killing children is okay?

It's quite horrifying if you think about it.

I looked at some of the pictures from the event. One of the Free Speech Wall entries read something like this, "I hear Hitler's mom was contemplating an abortion, and her physician talked her out of it!"

The implication was that you could be doing more harm than good to the world by standing in someone's way of an abortion because, who knows, you might be preventing a tyrant from coming into the world.

Using this logic, we might conclude that we should execute all poor kids because, who knows, they might grow up to be murderers and rapists. Reduced to the absurd in lightning speed. And even if we could somehow know the trajectory of a person's life, have we ever been in the business of punishing people for crimes we think they're likely to commit?

Just one of many examples that can be taken from the Free Speech Wall (and the signs of counter-protesters). The display and the sight of young people standing for life clearly got a number of people unhinged. I just hope that when they get back to the dorm or the classroom they can reflect on what is more logical and just--abortion versus rights to life for the unborn.

If you can stomach images that reveal the trauma of abortion, then I highly suggest that you click through to the links. The photos of the pro-life presenters interacting with the crowd will make you proud to be pro-life, and it will perhaps give you a bit more backbone when you are in a position to speak up.

Thanks for the post, guys.

Greg Koukl is a rare and wonderful beast: a conservative Christian with emotional intelligence and conversational social skills. Whatever next? Christians actually doing evangelism instead of just learning about it????

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