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July 24, 2009


That same article said that there are about 30,000 Christians scattered through out Norht Korea that have to worship in private. That's horrible. I admire them though. It kind of reminds you of the Disciples facing death if caught teaching the Word of God. Bless their hearts!

The North Koreans are are unwittingly building the strength and assuring the longevity of the Church in North Korea.

Or perhaps VERY-wittingly.

If you're a tourist or visitor they have no problem with you attending a Christian church. If you're a resident you get punished...

I wonder if there are any Jehovah's Witnesses in North Korea.

The persecution that Christians suffer under in certain countries is actually worse than what first century Christians experienced from Rome.

From my reading of history, the early church experienced sporadic bouts of persecution due to complaints by local officials, or strict adherence to Roman law regarding the accepted religion of Rome and Judaism as well as some local beliefs that preceded the Roman empire. But they were not universally persecuted over all the empire.

Christianity was something new, and a religion that denied the "emperor as a god" cult that was pushed by Rome, hence the new kid on the block got the negative attention.

But what is happening in places like North Korea, Saudi Arabia and a few other places is that the Christian faith is prohibited ALL of the time! In North Korea ALL religion is supressed ALL of the time.

I don't believe that the early Church experienced that. If I am wrong then I am sure that our host will be sure to tell me.

I just read an article (at the Washington Post if I remember right) about the North Korean political prisoner system, based on information from both prisoners who have escaped and former guards who have managed to flee the country. It really shook me up. This stuff makes the old Soviet Gulag look like a Girl Scout picnic. The suffering is unbelievable, and the prisoner knows that if he/she commits suicide, then they will put their whole family in prison! North Korea is currently the worst example of Hell on Earth that I am aware of. I am praying the whole regime soon comes crashing down under the weight of its own evil, and for God to strengthen His people there and, by their example, bring many more souls to Him. One thing if for sure: there is no such thing as a lukewarm Christian in North Korea!

Basic freedoms are perpetually under assault. We need to keep a close eye on countries like North Korea and Ireland.

Ireland's new blasphemy fine


Pray for this believers guys. Remember the blessing many of us hold in stable countries.


With all due respect to Ireland's atheists (and American high school students whose right to invoke God at public events has been abridged), no one is going to drag them into the street and execute them if they adhere to conscience and break an illegitimate law.

One injustice is a civil affront to personal freedom, while the other is an atrocity. The two are not nearly analogous - they represent incomparable examples of evil.

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