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July 29, 2009


All religions are the same. Except for where they're different.

I see.

What? Of course all religions are the same! Whoever claims otherwise is totally ignorant. All religions only differ in their views of God, man, sin, salvation, heaven, hell, origin, meaning, morality and destiny. Otherwise they are all the same.

The phraze "all religions are basically the same", is a phraze that actually adopts an entirely different interpretation of reality, thereby establishing an entirely new religion, which itself is different from other religions (with the possible exception of the Baha'i faith).

chickens and badgers are basically the same. 4 limbs, 2 eyes 1 nose 1 mouth, both dumb, both reproduce, both have parents, both are flammable and both breath.


Now you're sounding like ToNy.

Do I hear a taxonomy of religious differences debate coming on?

When you debate a simplified version of Pluralism you only invite others to see you as simplified Christians.

“When you remove all of the differences, they all say the same thing.”

The statment is false. If you remove all the differenes you remove all of genuine Christianity. The genuine gospel is no longer there.

To remove all the differences is to totally remove Christianity from the mix.

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