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August 05, 2009


I love the term

Posture is important: How does prayer work?.

Jim, that points out quite a difference between Christianity and some other religions. Christianity--important to recognize that God is a person, the Creator, the Sovereign over us and the world, and we ask for His help, knowing that He has His own purposes when He makes His choices. Some other religions--important to do just the right movements in order to cause the manipulation of spiritual forces to do our will.

Amy: yeah, there's some pretty wacky stuff out there! It never ceases to amaze me.

Jim T.,

The chart would be really funny if people did not actually subscribe to it. As such, I find it grotesque and somehow disgusting.

Thank you for drawing the distinction between physical posture and mental attitude (humility, submission, acknowledgment). We need to actively respond to God by praying that He will rightly orient our lives toward Him. This orientation is one of purpose, attitude, and obedience, not of physical positioning. Christians occasionally emphasize kneeling, raising hands, or walking down an aisle as though these constitute real levels of spiritual maturity. They have their own chart - 8% one hand raised shoulder height, 20% arm fully extended toward ceiling. Our orientation or posture toward the Lord is not enhanced by our body language!

Prayer is asking, “Thy will be done.” With that, I feel total submission.

If we can correctly precieve God's will in what we ask, only then is it a sure thing (1 John 5:14,15.)

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