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August 27, 2009


I appreciated that post, Brett. Unique and useful.

So is "wet blanket" a direct translation of "lodix uda" or is it a paraphrase in the vernacular?

Funny, because I just got done listening to Matt Chandler (whom, is incredibly and genuinely funny) speak on the book of Ecclesiasties, in a somewhat similar vein. Somewhat. Good post!

That's why I'm a Thomist, and not just a peeping Thomist.

I don't really appreciate this post. It makes me a little uncomfortable with folks having fun.

You know I need to pick a new website if I don't even rememeber what it is. :-)

I am deeply offended Brett and don't think you take the Christian life seriously. I believe humor is just as detrimental to The Way as is dancing, gambling and drinking. Stop being so funny!

If you wish you could hang out with Thomas Aquinas, why don't you then?

Frank Beckwith and I do :)

I know God has a sense of humor - he chose me. Actually, wouldn't mind hanging out with Jesus. I'm pretty sure he knows a few good ones.

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