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October 09, 2009



Did you read the read the issue of Science in question before posting these comments?

It will be interesting to see if the Discovery Channel mentions this fact in their special airing on Ardi this Sunday evening.

If you are questioning Melinda's citation, you have to read the full text of the article; the link posted takes you to a summary. Below that summary on Science is a link that says Read the full text. Here is that link, but you have to be a registered user before you can read the full article.


I am a registered user, and I've read much of the issue in question. But did Melinda read this issue before drawing conclusions? Or did she just read what was provided by a lawyer (Luskin) or by the mass media?

Scientists usually have little control how their discoveries are presented by lawyers or by the mass media. That's why it's important to go to the primary scientific literature before drawing conclusions. I just want to know if this was done in this case.

I really want to thank Melinda for this blog entry. The newspapers here offered only the initial news that "The Missing Link has been Found!" I really grateful to know that I can come to Stand to Reason and find the relevant, and mostly undisclosed, information that I am interested in and share with others.

Unfortunately, Melinda left a lot of information "undisclosed" herself. For full discloser, read the entire issue of Science.

Joe, please substantiate, don't just tell us to read some article that you can't even provide a link to.

Sorry, I thought folks would see thee link provided by Olon. This will take you to the Science site.

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