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October 19, 2009


What are the rules regarding standing before the court? Don't you have to be harmed to have standing to sue?

The embryo is used after 5 days having grown into a ball of 100 or so undifferentiated cells. There is not even one nerve cell let alone a nervous system or any other system for that matter. Rest assured: they won't mind.


Ron H, if someone injected you with a toxin that rendered your nervous system useless, would you mind if they then experimented on you?

The existence of nerve cells isn't the issue. The issue is wether or not the embryo is a human being.


To tell you the truth I'm not keen on the plan. It's the first part I most object to, though.

By the way, I'd be dead if you made my nervous system 'useless'. Did you realize that.

But it's not really the same thing anyway, is it? Not a useful analogy?


Hi RonH,

Why did you pick the nervous system?

"Rest assured: they won't mind."

I'm sure your biology is correct. Ad I get that the nervous system is important and all that. But is the standard for the justifiability of killing that the victim doesn't mind? For that matter, I really doubt that a newborn would mind it I killed it. Does it follow that if someone actively wants to be killed that that's makes it OK?

Just askin'

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