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October 22, 2009


Wow, that is indeed interesting! And good news. Maybe both sides can get back to discussing the issue with civility, instead of what has passed for 'discussion' these past few years!

I think Mr. Dacey has a good point. I've heard him in a few debates and very much appreciate his willingness to, you know, actually engage in substantive arguments rather than name calling.

I'm rather confused by Mr. Sheiman, however. I mean, it's nice of him to recognize that the contribution of religious people has been slightly more positive than the hysterical and often historically inaccurate charges of men like Hitchens. But isn't this a side issue?

The whole "look at all the good or bad things religious people have done!" argument is somewhat tiresome and overall irrelevant to whether or not any respective worldview is actually true.

Take the worst critiques of darwinian evolution (most of which I agree with) that amount to a world without genuine morality or real purpose in life. Because we don't /like/ the conclusion doesn't disprove the theory (I think the evidence does that.)

Without having read the book, but only reading the excerpt from above, it looks like Mr. Sheiman isn't defending any particular religion, but good behavior.

thank you for this report! Dawkins and Hitchens drive me bonkers with how closed minded and arrogant they are. i, as a Christian, have no problems with ppl of other faiths and non-faiths. but jerks drive me crazy regardless ;-)

i hope that this style of open-minded v 3.0 atheists win out just as much as i hope emergent Christianity does as well. RAWK

I think we ought to be just a litte cautious here. Giving kudos to atheists simply because they do not call you names wont really help the debate. It the atheiest expects serious dialogue he is going to have to be more than "nice". I'll put reason and honesty over against "nice" any day.

A smart atheist recognizes the "benefits" of religion (a la Kant) as well as we do. Heck...they might even say its a good thing to practice some kind of being private. As Eisenhower told us.."No country can survive long without "religion"..and i don't care which one it is". Now THERES worship for ya!

I'm all for civility in debate. There is no percentage in mocking and ridicule....but lets not end up praising the "virues" of being atheistic for crying out loud....

Since it's not possible to post a comment to an article, I have a quick question for Greg on his new article about evil being the absence of good. Adam and Eve were told not to eat of the tree in the garden. Would this not be the absence of evil being a good?

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