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November 10, 2009


This is the type of engagement that would be very valuable to hear/see. Is there a way to make recordings of these types of events available?

If only more people could be exposed to this kind of material...

Was this event recorded?

How come Greg's commentary video called Abortion Nonsense in Politics isn't in the Youtube videos anymore?

It presents Obama's abortion stance quite well.

I like the slide. Very beautiful.

"From the moment of conception"

Clap trap.


Nice work, Alan

>> The unborn meets the biological criteria for life.

lol. Can I ask whos "biological criteria" you are using? Can I use mine?

"In the end, there was no challenge that threatened the pro-life view."


Well, duh.

I mean you're SO smart.

And humble.

Plus pro-abortion people are stupid-heads.


"Moment of conception" = claptrap?

...then how might you refer to this? Do you dislike the word "moment"... Or the word "conception?" Is something inaccurate here?

How 'bout "from the moment the second pink line shows up on the EPT?"

(Of course, this isn't biologically early enough, but I'd like to know what you'd sub in place of the "objectionable phrase"...if you're inclined.)


>>"Can I ask whose "biological criteria" you are using? Can I use mine?

If you (are in such a state of mind as to) have to ask the first question, you are (for the safety of all those within arms reach of you) restricted from ever doing the second.

As for John...

...failing at even setting up a decent run-of-the mill ad hominem.

Result: drivel.

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