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November 09, 2009


Awesome! I love the use of video as a media for communicating. I love the point you make about reading the context. I have followed your "stuff' since buying a load of your learning tools a couple of years back and you have shaped how I study the bible significantly!

God bless you in the work you do! Can't wait to hear, and watch, the next insight into a misinterpreted verse!

Thank you very much for creating and providing these video messages and teachings. They are a great benefit and a wonderful reminder to share the knowledge I have learned through your organization.

Please keep them coming!

I recently talked with a couple of young Mormons. They tried to use James 1: 5 to support their "burning in the boosom" method of determining truth.

I would love to hear how you would handle that situation and compare it with what I did.

Lumbergh, how did you handle the situation?

I told them that they were taking that verse out of context. The context of the passage is dealing with temptation not determining if the Bible is accurate. That is established elsewhere.

I also mentioned that their interpretation contradicts scripture in other places, which is a sure sign that you have read something into the passage that wasn't intended by the author.

I may have Greg mixed up with somebody else, but I vaguely remember Greg responding to that passage by making a distinction between wisdom and knowledge. The passage in James is about acquiring wisdom. Since wisdom is the proper application of knowledge, or the ability to make good decisions, you have to have knowledge before you can use wisdom, so James isn't talking about praying to gain information.

Great point - thanks.

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