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November 21, 2009


couldnt touch the book.

tried to watch the movie

almost killed myself 15% of the way through.

A while ago, someone made the same thing for Passion week. It was hilarious.

What? I must be misinterpreting Melinda here. Otherwise I agree with her and not with ToNy.


lol! That was hilarious.

I imagine in Heaven there will be a posse of men united by the sole fact of having submitted themselves to their women with the six hour version, a posse in who's noble company I will know no shame because I bring in return: the Lord of the Rings Marathon.

C'mon Tony... you can do it!

My 5 y.o requests gets through the bbc film version in 2 days.

"The Hours" was a much much much much much better film

even greg said he thought it was a fine piece of art.

highly recommended

Ha, ha! That's like, 'Pride and Prejudice in 60 seconds'! - still, I do recommend both the book and movies :-)

"couldnt touch the book.

tried to watch the movie

almost killed myself 15% of the way through."

The feelings mutual. Had to read it in high school. I couldn't make it through. The only books I liked were The Red Badge of Courage, The Things They Carried, and The Catcher in the Rye.

why does everyone like The Catcher in the Rye????

I thought that book blew serious chunks.

I mean i thought it was just a bunch of nihilistic dribble.

and whats funny is, i'm a nihilist and i love nihilistic dribble! But that book just sucked.

michel houellebecq is a much better nihilist writer

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