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December 07, 2009


I would suggest that my ability to enjoy thinking of others first, outside of duty, only comes from when I have a full cup. In other words, when I take care of myself first, I have way more to offer others and quite honestly enjoy it more than when it is out of duty.

Enjoy the Journey

Good illustration of the concept, thanks!

Another proverb that I think cannot be isolated is 4:23. Is it not part of the passage from vs 20-27? And also part of the greater discourse on wisdom?

It is mostly taken to mean guarding your heart/emotions (in courting relationships) from being too exposed or vulnerable and therfore getting yourself hurt or in a compromising position... or something along those lines.

But when you put that meaning in as you read the passage, it makes no sense?!

It may be true it is easier to give when your cup is full but the problem with that is when someone is asked when is their cup is full the answer is invaribaly "after just a little bit more." As Rockefeller once said when asked how much money is enough the reply was "one more dollar".
The widow with the 2 mites did not have a "full cup" yet was praised by the Lord because she had a full heart.

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