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January 08, 2010


You can tell who the genuine believers are in sports from the false ones.

Usually, the ones who point to the sky after scoring a touchdown or who wear "Jesus" bandanas are probably not authentic believers.

There's something to be said about a worshipful reverence for our God, who is not our buddy or our next door neighbor.

God bless you Colt.

I wouldn't go that far, Richard.

I agree that McCoy's is a more... articulate witness for Christ. But, pointing to the sky or wearing a "Jesus" bandanna may be a relatively bold statement for that particular person -- whether due to shyness or feelings of inadequacy as an ambassador or being new to the faith or... whatever.

On the other hand, pointing to the sky, for example, might be done by any number of theists (e.g., Jew, Muslim, Mormon) or perhaps even a Pagan. Sometimes, it's hard to know where anyone (celebrities included) is coming from until you hear them actually say something more theologically-specific.

That's why I qualified my statement with 'usually'; obviously there are exceptions.

Like I said, you can often tell the difference between genuine expressions of faith and more ostentatious ones.

First, let me say I totally agree about the interview. It was great. Sadly, the graciousness did not last very long.

I've always been thankful just for the chance to compete.

Its a sport. Things happen. Why do people think everything has to happen by some ordained reason? Why? Can't they accept "***" happens? It's dangerous thinking to just say "I don't question" No wonder Joel Osteen's church is filling up. I whole hearted believe but I question as in have questions as to why all the time.

Hi John,

I understand what you are saying, but I think you miss the big picture. Yes, stuff happens. I don’t think McCoy was saying he ‘doesn’t question’ anything. In other words, if he was unprepared for the game and lost, he may realize that they lost because he was unprepared. Likewise, if instead of hurting himself playing football, he hurt himself being reckless on a motorcycle, he may have different thoughts.

I think the difference is that he’s not saying, ‘why me?’ He’s moving on. He’s not dwelling on it and feeling sorry for himself.

Besides, him saying, ‘I don’t question’ is very close to your ‘blank happens’. Very close.

>>”I whole hearted believe but I question as in have questions as to why all the time.”

Saying “blank happens” is not questioning.

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