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January 29, 2010


Hey...sounds great Greg. I've missed the show over the last two weeks. I have an idea for the show. It would be awesome if you could do a show wholly about how you prepare for a debate and include the listening audience in the preparation. Would it be possible also to have John McArthur on the show one afternoon?

Is it a re-broadcast?

I cannot seem to be able to find this on the web, can anyone enlighten me how to hear these broadcats in New Brunswick Canada. Thanks

Hey Jack, subscribe to the podcast or listen live here at from 2-5pm pacific time. If your in the east it would be 5-8pm eastern time.

If you didn't listen to this podcast, do yourself a favor - LISTEN!

It was VERY encouraging to hear what God is doing in Northern India through Empart.

Sadly, an Empart training center was attacked by Hindu Militants recently.

I truly believe we as brothers and sisters need to pray and support (give generously) these men and their families who risk their lives - and have suffered physical brutality! - and have seen all of their Bibles, tracts, and teaching/learning materials burned right before their eyes!

From Jossy's blog:

from Jossy Chacko by jossyc

People, I really need you to pray. My friends, our Bibles have been burned, our lessons destroyed, our training centre in Chattisgarh in India has been targeted.
It was the phone call I never wanted to receive, at 1.30 in the morning, the sort of call when you’re still asleep and you hear the phone ringing, you feel immediate fear. And the voice of my old friend sobbing, “They attacked us… Prebhu is seriously injured… the police have arrested three students. What should we do?”

I’m in Melbourne, thousands of kilometres away. What could I do? At first I felt helpless. But I placed my trust in God – Hindu militants may have taken a torch to our training centre in Chattisgarh, but they haven’t extinguished the flame for the Lord in our hearts.

I didn’t have to see the carnage to feel the pain. Our students were attacked and beaten, the angry mob threw all of our materials on a massive pile and set them alight, our students forced to watch. Their own possessions, their uniforms, their study books – all gathered together and burnt.

And then the militants discovered our store room. Every Bible, every tract, every text was added to the flames, and our students, bleeding, wounded, made to sit in silence and watch, or receive further beatings. Our leaders were harassed for the personal details of other believers, and when they refused to give them up, the assaults resumed.

When the victims were admitted to hospital, they were turned away – the hospital feared being attacked as well. The wounded were forced to travel on public transport to hospitals in nearby towns. My heart is heavy for these men, and their families, who have given everything for their love of the Lord. I’m receiving regular updates, and I’ll keep you in the loop but Prebu, the local Empart leader remains in intensive care. The three students accused of defacing the Indian flag remain in custody.

I need you to pray. Please pray for our brothers and sisters who are risking their lives to share the gospel. Pray for a strength of faith among our students who are so close to graduation, so close to stepping out in faith and starting their own ministries. Pray that somehow, we’ll replace those Bibles for with these, we can continue to share the Gospel with millions of people throughout Asia. Log onto for full details.

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