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February 05, 2010


I've read his book, it's well written and even humorous in places. :) Great to hear he'll be on the show this week!

Proudly published by Baylor University Press!!!

Thinkig about God on earth.

On the 14th a caller asked Greg why Scripture has so little about Jesus' life between His birth and the start of His ministry about the age of 30. Greg rightly said that Scripture narrowed its scope to its meaningful intent, to which the caller asked why Jesus did not teach and perform miracles before that time.

Isn't it obvious, in light of verses like Philippians 2:7 (Jesus emptied Himself to come to earth.) and Matthew 12:28 (He cast our demons by the Spirit of God.) that the reason was that, although He was God, He only did His miracles and ministry via the Holy Spirit? That would also give understanding as to why Jesus would teach in John 14:12 that we who love Him will do the same things He did because He went to the Father? (To send the Holy Spirit to us.)

There would have been little to write about in between because He had not yet been baptized (and subsequently baptized by the Holy Spirit by whom both He and we can do the same things, as He said.)

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