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March 15, 2010


Thanks Greg! Your videos are really helpful.

I believe they are tied to an historical event and assessable to each of us.

"So, we can claim any promises that are made to individual Christians that apply, that seem to apply to them as Christians and not something that is germane to their unique circumstance, and that's a judgement call in some cases."

To be clear, did you mean that we (individual Christians today) CAN claim promises that apply to individual (singular) Christians (e.g., Timothy, Titus, etc.), or rather that we (the church today) can claim promises made to the Church (the global body of believers on earth since Christ's ascension)? How do we discern what we can and cannot claim if it is a "judgement call in some cases?" Furthermore, how do we discern what is and what isn't a "judgement call?"

Also, are their ANY promises made in the Old Testament that can be "claimed" by modern Christians, either individually (me, my pastor, etc.) or corporately (my local church, the church in America, the Church on earth in general)? Is there a degree of "judgement calls" here as well?

Or to a lesser degree, are their ANY promises made to the (corporate) Nation of Israel as God's people in the Old Testament that can rightfully be applied in principle or specifics to the (corporate) Church as God's people in the New Testament?

Sorry for the rapid-fire questions. This issue has been a subject of intense discussion around my office. Thanks for all you do to help bring clarity and wisdom to a sometimes difficult subject!

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