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March 16, 2010


We must remember that when John the Baptist came bursting on the scene that God had not been speaking to Israel through prophets for nearly 400 years (Amos and Micah talk about this famine of God's word). Israel was totally apostate. Their prophetic program was nearing the end according to Daniel's timeline. Jesus pronouced that the KINGDOM was "at hand/nigh at hand." All that was left on that Jewish calendar was the time of Jacob's trouble, the 70th week, etc. The so-called Lord's prayer is a Jewish prayer for those who were going to have to go through the 7 years of tribulation (baptism of fire). Just as they were provided for in Exodus (trial run) they were going to be provided for during the tribulation - thus the prayer for daily bread. We as "protestants" abuse a prayer that was never intended for us. All the Bible is for us but now All the Bible is TO US - that is a fact. Love your web page and have enjoyed visiting it many times.

Great post, Tony. I agree, we have the benefit of history to see that the "end" spoken of by John the Baptist and Jesus was not the end of the "world," but the end of the Old Covenant Age. Christ is here and His Kingdom is a present reality, not a future event.

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