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March 09, 2010


FYI, the song was written and originally recorded by Michael Card.

This is probably my favorite song.

As nice as this song is, it doesn't compare to many of the hymns of old with their rich lyrical content. Some were written during a grueling life of sacrifice and trial. Forgive me, but contemporary christian music in large part is beyond shallow.

Shallow? Michael Card derives his lyrics from the Scriptures, and "El Shaddai" is no exception.

Hi Lynn,

Maybe Dave is thinking along the lines of comparing the verbiage of the Declaration of Independance or Preamble to something the government has written in last 5 decades.

(Remember when Nicholas Cage read from it in National Treasure? He said, "People dont' talk like that anymore.")

I think I get Dave's meaning. (although I don't think these are shallow songs.)

If Dave is talking about this kind of stuff, I see his point:

"A big, big, yard...where we can play football! It's a big, big house....It's my Father's house!"

However, even this is pristine compared to secular offerings.

Recording "El Shaddai" was the peak of Amy's career.

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