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April 29, 2010



So Jeb has grows into conviction A and B and he into dogmas C and D to. Meanwhile, Jethro grows into convictions W and X and dogmas Y and Z.

Who grew mentally please, Jeb, Jethro, both, or neither?


Hi RonH,

I enjoy your posts. Can you say what you do for a living?



The point of the quote is not just that having convictions means mental growth. He's arguing against the idea that being "open-minded" or not having any convictions is more intelligent because it is not dogmatic. To answer your above question, the one grew mentally the most whose convictions are most TRUE.

Nice of you to say so. I work on computer software for testing car engines.

I agree that you want to believe what's true but I don't think the quotation contains that message. I would add you don't want to believe what's false. Here's the context of the verse. He caricatures skepticism. Given his purpose, he has no choice.


>>"Given his purpose, he has no choice."

I still think he has the choice...but if what you say is true,

...if indeed his purpose eliminates his ability to choose, the next question (in my view) is whether or not the purpose is noble enough to warrant the sacrifice of his "choice." What say you?

How would you determine/measure the nobility and worthiness of "his purpose?"

Another way - does the "mission" justify the sacrifice you purport he's making (by saying he has no choice?)

The quote left out much context. Perhaps the STR blog posters should practice their own advice, "never read a bible verse."

The passage following the above quote, I think, gets to a chief point:

    The human brain is a machine for coming to conclusions; if it cannot come to conclusions it is rusty.

If one concludes that there are no dogmas to be had, then the original quote above is goes wrong.

The older I get, the more I accept ambiguity. Life is too complex for me to hold too many religious dogmas.

Hi Perry, a dogma that accurately reflects complex doctrines can serve men well. Dogmas are usually associated with theological beliefs, but scientists have theirs also in thier religion.

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