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April 09, 2010


I've found too that when I am harboring some sins, it is hard to pray and the ground becomes dry and barren.

John Owen said:
"Unmortified sin untunes the heart by entagling the affections. Fear, desire, and hope are the choicest affections meant for God, but sin hijacks them for itself."

If your heart is "untuned", look to your choices you've made in the last week. I know that really kills my desire to pray when I am harboring a sin.


I like Greg's comment about "unused corners" of our schedules -- I pray when I'm driving to work, instead of listening to music or the news.

I begin the day, then, with Him, asking him for wisdom and strength; to help me see others as He sees them, and to remember that I'm utterly dependent upon Him and His grace.

This puts my heart in the right condition before the day's incidents begin, whether good or bad.

"Reason," it just goes to show.....paper/internet does not resist ink/input.

The routine of praying the same thing everyday is sometimes getting dry. A christian should do extra work for God and adjust their routine. Because when prayer feels like a chore there will be no substance to what we say in relation to what we always do; work, leisure, eat etc.

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