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May 19, 2010


You are so correct in this analysis. Jack is no longer admirable for making the often difficult (but usually correct) moral decisions throughout past seasons.

This current season is turning out to be one of the worst ever. And not only because of the moral equivalency but also because the story itself is just getting so stupid and hard to believe.

Day 5 was the last truly enjoyable season. Day 6 was pathetic, Day 7 was just OK but progressively got worse, and of course, Day 8 is spinning out of control in rather stupid ways.

I hate to say it because of my loyalty to the show but they should have stopped after season 5.

You're right that our violence is different from Islamic terrorism. The difference is our violence is far more extensive. Which is not surprising. Historically the more powerful a state the more extensive it's terrorism. This was true of the Soviet Union as well.

So for instance take Nicaragua. We funded the Contras and expressly directed them to kill civilians only. Their crime was voting the wrong way in a free election. In a few years we'd killed 40,000 civilians, making Osama bin Laden look like an amateur. The facts are completely uncontroversial. We have a World Court judgment, a UN General Assembly Resolution, and a Security Council Resolution barring the predictable US veto. The US response to these judgments was to escalate the violence until suffering Nicaraguans finally elected a government to US liking.

Clinton killed more people by bombing a pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan by depriving impoverished people of medicine than OBL did on 9/11. There's no moral equivalence there. Totally different incidents, totally different consequences. And in the case where the victims are poor it's totally forgotten.

I like the sound of what you're saying regarding 24. The boot is on the other throat. That's worth thinking about. Islamic radicals aren't the only terrorists.

"They think what we do is no different or leads to terrorism. And they're using Jack to illustrate that. Jack Bauer has become a vigilante, which is what they think he has always been or is the inevitable result of what he has been."

That's exactly right. That is what they are saying. I have no doubt it's deliberate - even if they don't really realize it on the conscious level. This is just what many people feel down deep in their hearts. Jack Bauer is no better than a terrorist. America is no better than the terrorists or an oppressive/tyrannical country.

It makes me so sad. I have watched this show from the first episode onward.

Not sure i agree with this. Jack is going after the Russians and a traitor CTU operative, responsible for assassinating the IRK leader, and an innocent American (Renee), due to the coverup initiated by the President. An illegal coverup by the way.

Jack did not kill indiscriminately, he intentionally did not kill the secret service agents or Logan. I just don't see a moral equivalence to terrorists in the way they've written this.

You are right. They have destroyed Jack for me, and possibly the entire future movie production. If this is the new Jack, fans like me will not be dishing out the $ for the new film. What a waste. The moral lesson is better learned from the President. She started out a strong moral character, even willing to risk a nuclear bomb going off for the life of the Iranian President. End the end, she sold out and lied for the legacy of a fragile peace treaty. Later she has to work hard to cover up her sin(sound familiar, David). She has abandoned any moral compass or counsel, and stands alone, crushed, and in deep regret, with only the wicked former president(Satan in the Garden?) as her partner. Jack is lost. We get nothing from him. But we can learn from the character of the president what happens when we abandon our moral convictions for the applause of man.

I too, am deeply disturbed as to what Jack Bauer has become. I think many viewers whether or not they voice an opinion, feel the same. Many have watched this unique show from the beginning. I didn't catch on until the second season. I have been constantly amazed at the twists and turns the plot has taken over the years. However, Jack Bauer remained true to his convictions until this season. He has morphed into a "vengeful angel of death", not caring about the innocents injured in his quest. The writers are out of the park on this one, and I do believe that Kiefer Sutherland is one of the executive producers. What was he thinking?

I have never viewed 24 as from the perspective that Jack Bauer is a moral story teller or a moral hero. I have always considered him to be morally grounded and objective. I have always viewed 24 as a classic tragedy in the Shakespearean sense. Jack has a dominant character trait: he is willing sacrifice himself and bear any burden to protect those he loves or the things he cherished (country, truth, etc.). Eight seasons have shown that this strength has also been his greatest undoing. Jack has suffered the loss of all things near and dear to him. His character strength has been the very thing that has destroyed him. A classic tragic tale. He has now lost his confidence in the very thing he sacrificed to save. It has destroyed him.

Again, i feel as though I must be watching a different show. All around him, those close to Jack lost their moral center. Yes, he went on a rampage, but his ire was directed at those involved in the coverup, and putting the lives of innocent people at risk. Jack did not indiscriminately kill.

Ultimately, he lost all closest to him, by sacrificing his own personal desires for the greater good.

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