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May 20, 2010


Is it only available in the US? I'm not able to locate it.

THIS IS FREAKIN INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!...i like it

When will it be available for the DROID...??? Can't wait!

Well designed app. I can get to everything easily. Good job!

If your programmers are feeling up to it, an Android app would also be fantastic!

A Blackberry app would also be a welcomed thing!

You guys should post video in H264 that's ipod compatible so that the video blog posts show up on the iphone app as well.

Damien, the videos from the blog will be in the video section. If those weren't playing for you before, try it again. Our IT guy just fixed something.

I like it. But the articles are in pdf format which makes the text too small to read. Other than that it's great.

You can double-tap or use your fingers to zoom the text.

Wow this is great!! Thanks for updating us..Wow great so wonderful!

I've just been exploring this and it's a great app. Thanks! One question - is it possible to read/leave comments to the blog within the app? I didn't see that.


I listened to the radio show on Sunday with the new app. Very cool!

Bruce, no I don't think you can get to the comments from there.

As soon as the Android app is available, I will be a proud owner of said app. =-)

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