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June 17, 2010


What’s even more alarming than the term “incompatible with life,” is that they often get it wrong.

>> Being human is not a "look-like" kind of thing. It's a "be-like" kind of thing.


Being human is a "look-like" kind of thing.

Ovum's don't look like a construct that you have decided is the starting line of life (zygotes) and so you don't consider it a human person.

I think that it may be a little unfair to assume that the women who choose abortion after receiving certain diagnoses are choosing abortion because they consider their potential offspring to be "disposable property" or because the they think the newborn will be of "no value and can be disposed of". I suspect that they are more likely motivated by a desire to prevent pointless suffering or because they consider the situation hopeless or because of any number of other reasons besides “disposability”. Now, you may disagree with these other motivations, including the desire to preventing suffering, and that’s fine. Point is, let’s not assume that the abortions are performed because women think of their babies as disposable trash.


Should we use your definition of human or mine? : )


Understood. Unfortunately, the result is the same - a dead human being. Dead human beings have been the product of "good intentions" before. Nothing new.

"Hey, let's kill it so it doesn't suffer later!" Makes no sense.

"Hey, let's kill it so it doesn't suffer later!" Makes no sense.

I believe that if you found yourself in certain situations, then it might make sense after all.

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