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June 28, 2010


I have limited knowledge on this, but I do know it's a New Age/occult type thing.

This is why I avoid asking for prayer around anyone whose religious views I do not know. The last thing you need when you are in trouble and need prayer is a well-meaning person influencing you in a spiritual way that is not from God.

I was hoping you'd get more in detail in this video as to the response. Maybe you could do a Part 2. This is a very common occurrence and it would be good to get some practical help.

The people doing it certainly mean well. Sometimes they are not into the occult and they simply mean, "I will be thinking good thoughts for you", which is obviously harmless. But when you've got people who are into the occult (even if they don't call it that or even know what they are playing with) and they are doing rituals on your behalf, that is dangerous.

How do you deal with someone like that, especially if they are a friend and are sincere in their concern for you and think they are doing something good for you? Remember, most people these days think anything supernatural is from God and therefore positive. There is little understanding these days of the fact that just because something is supernatural or "spiritual", it does not mean it is benign or positive or from God. There are good spiritual influences and harmful spiritual influences.

The answer in the video is a generally good one -- just being appreciative of someone's attempt to be helpful, even if you think it's ridiculous. This is the same advice I often see given to atheists: politely acknowledge unwelcome prayers from Christians. However, unless you'd be okay with an atheist getting into a debate with you every time you offer a prayer to them, I'd say it's hypocritical to try to argue with this man about his white light.

I would pull out a light bulb out of my pocket, place it in my mouth and have it turn itself on. It's a great trick and in this context, could add a bit of humor. After that, I would just say thanks, but as you can see, I've brought my own.

Plus, black lights are more fun. Everything glows.

I had found two different definitions of "White light"


Originally Posted by pampe
white light = Energy that balances and restores, natural and available to all living things. Emanations from the spiritual, the light of God.

Originally Posted by CharM
Colour, in and of itself, has no physical properties... However, the spectrum is viewed and perceived by the mind, carried along wavelengths of light... All objects reflect or absorb the energy and atmospheric variables enable us to see colour.

White light consists of all spectral hues reflected from the surface of any object... Therefore it is comprised of all primaries and hues...

White light represents, to me, the collective energy of the folks here at WC! As an Artists Nation, we are all colours of the world... Sending white light means that we are reflecting all our energy and beaming it to those in need...

It is a positive way of expressing our care and concern... I have been the recipient of white light and can honestly say that it's very comforting to know that people held me in their thoughts for some amount of time...


link here: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=235375

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