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August 12, 2010


Amy, that is the exact same argument I made five years ago. That just proves that you are brilliant. Great minds think like me!

Nicely done, Sam! And it looks like you have many more posts on the resurrection in that series, as well.

While I agree that these verses teach resurrection (rather than reincarnation), ISTM that 1 Cor 15 might teach a Pauline version of reincarnation. There he argues against the law of sowing and reaping and says "what you reap is not what you sow, but god gives it a body as he sees fit."

Do you agree that Paul's view there is at odds with his view in Romans 8, where he says that "the breath will make alive your **mortal** body**?

I don't, WoundedEgo. In the analogy of the seed and the plant that you're alluding to, there is continuity between the seed and the plant. The plant comes from the seed. What Paul is emphasizing in these analogies, as well as what follows, is transformation. The mortal body is transformed into an immortal body, but it's the same body that undergoes the transformation.

You can see that when he says, "So it is with the resurrection of the dead..." He goes on to say, "IT is sown a perishable body; IT is raised an imperishable body," etc. The "it" in both cases refers to the same body.

Likewise, later in the passage, Paul says, "THIS mortal must put on immortality," which is exactly consistent with what he said in Romans 8. We don't shed our mortal bodies and replace them with immortal ones. Rather, our mortal bodies themselves are transformed into immortal bodies.

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