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August 23, 2010


Refusing to engage in apologetics is heartless.

If apologists were "all head," their arguments would be much more intelligent. If they were "no heart," their arguments would not be so heavily stocked with fallacious appeals to emotion. (Couched in cold, rational language or no, that's what they often are.) For once I agree with a post here -- this charge is clearly not true.

I would weep uncontrollably until the person sees my emotions.

If I were an apologist and someone told me I was all head and no heart, I would respond, "That's self-defeating. And besides, if what you say is true, it's an example of something bad in the world. But since the existence of bad stuff presupposes morality, and morality entails that God exists, you must agree with me that God exists."

I would then scream "QED" in a pretentious tone and begin my victory dance around my interlocutor, wagging my finger as I repeated, "Got you! I sooo just got you!"

Malebranche, that was a funny post!

Don't let the hyperbole of the cliche prevent you from dealing with what it really might be saying.

The charge is really this (and if I'm wrong, please indulge me anyway): there are apologists who speak the truth without love--or, perhaps,without sufficient love.

There is a tendency with many people who are sharp, clear, fast thinkers to relish the victory of a won argument more than is seemly.

Have your wives never urged you to soften your approach? Has your conscience never chided you after an intense discussion?

I wonder how many apologists would admit that this is a common struggle. I know that it's been a struggle for me, and I'm purely amateur.

I haven't really run into this attitude, but it puzzles me that it would exist at all.

How can you get excited about something you don't understand and cannot logically defend? On the flipside, understanding the Word of God and how it applies to every issue of life cannot help but excite you!

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