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August 11, 2010


the most difficult thing about the standing firm on christian exclusivism is getting the other person to see they are taking the same position they are condemning you for, namely that they are right and you are wrong.

i can rarely get someone to see they are hypocritically saying i am closed minded because i think im right and others are wrong, but they never see that they are saying i am wrong and they are right and are trying to escape their criticism.

i posted on my blog about the graphic that has the 'golden rule' in the middle then many other religions quotes from their own authoritative writhing affirming it. basically giving the impression all religions are pretty much the same. i didnt even take a position on christianity being right, just pointed out there are real differences, and used gregs asprin/arcenic analogy. that they could all be wrong but under no circumstances could they all be right.

someone said it was disturbing. that was a shock.

It’s also helpful to ask the critic, “Do you think that Joe Pesci could be one way to salvation?” If they say, no, ask why not.

If enough people believed it would it be?

I have talked to many folks with the viewpoint of many ways to salvation and honestly not one of them have even read the Bible. I asked them to their faces and it's simply amazing their arguments are all based on opinion. Some were basing their whole belief system on just their own opinion.. Greg was right on a few posts back, "I'm the only Bible you will ever read".

Most of my family is either atheist or new age folks and I hear it time and time again. It's all roads lead to Rome without hardly any knowledge of the world religions. I get the whack job look if I open a Bible to show them something that they brought up themselves about the Bible. The mindset is so bad now that people believe in “whatever” just because they said so.

and they think its odd you dont accept that line of reasoning as valid. as if their opinion is somehow authoritative. trouble is they believe right off the bat that everyone forms their beliefs about religion by the same method as themselves. just pick the one that you like best and that is the one thats true for you.

the mere idea of researching and testing religious ideas to try to find a real truth is completely foriegn to them. so when you criticize their beliefs they are at a loss since how could you know? after all we all just have our own beliefs.

I used to work with a Hindu guy, and he gave me the "all roads lead to Longview" thing one time. I said, "Are you saying that everybody's view is true?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Well my view is that your view is wrong. Are you saying that I'm right?" To my surprise, he said, "Yes." I didn't know what to say after that.

sam i believe that is where greg applies the saying "when someone denies the law of non contradiction, he should be beaten and whipped until he acknowledges there is a difference between being beaten and not being beaten"

but i dont know where to go from there either

I listened to a Tim Keller sermon that explained that both sides claim exclusivity. It's a must listen:
Its listed under Exclusivity. Enjoy


The words 'offensive' and 'disturbing' have permeated our culture as conversation stoppers by people who are convinced they are right but, as you noted in your first post, cannot grasp the exclusivity of their claims.


I nominate your post for the funniest STR post of 2010 - so far.

I posted the first post then another John posted the second. Kinda looked like a run on from my post, but it wasn't. However, I wished I would have posted the second post...

I think it worth mentioning that there is an augmented view of our Savior that I believe stands good stead in prying the mind from clam state.

Jesus is the Word. God's arm is not shortened. Jesus lives. The Word still Lives. The Word is taught by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh. Jesus is drawing all men to himself.

Salvation by way of Jesus, is also salvation by way of the Word. Not to deny our Lord in the flesh is critical in spiritual warfare. In fact, it is the way that we test the spirits. But to ignore the eternal impact of the power of Him through His Word (and I'm not just talking scripture alone, here), while focusing solely on the Savior in the flesh, is to weaken the logical groundwork of salvation.

Furthermore, I submit that someone need never know factually about the flesh and body of Jesus, to become a candidate for salvation. The Word does the work. History provides the testimony of His life on earth. Then a full salvation of acknowledging Him in both Word and the flesh is substantiated and made the true aspect of Faith by evidence.

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