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August 01, 2010


UNACCEPTABLE!!! I DEMAND... oh, wait, I'm 3 weeks behind as it is. Nevermind. ;-}


He's not on vacation--you've just been left behind!

Wow, if IT guy going on vacation means you can't post the podcast, then you may need a new IT guy. This should be a push-buton process that anyone in the organization can do. Podcasting is not bleeding edge technology any more. Considering how long you guys have been doing this, the fact that you need specific intervention by the IT person to be able to publish the podcast tells me that the IT person either lacks basic competence or is engaged in short-sigted job-protection tactics ("If they can't do this without me, then I have job security")

It is probably a bad idea to second-guess the IT guy. There could always be extenuating circumstances. Considering this is the first time that something like this has happened, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. :)

That being said, I would have automated the process for simpler implementation as well. There has to be some way to use something like Automate from Network Automation that can do the job without much hassle.

Good grief, eric, that was kind of rude, don't you think?

Eric's comments may have been a bit out of line, but since no one else jumped on the opportunity: Melinda, I will gladly join the staff of STR to become the "Podcast Guy"! I think you should open this position. Whadda ya say?

Hey, it's worth a shot. ;)

I don't see how it's either rude or out of line. STR already has a high-quality audio source, because they are going out over the radio. Converting this to a podcast should be a routine matter, especially for an organization that has been been doing this on a weekly basis for so long. What is rude about pointing out that they have some inefficiency on their process that should be easily remedied?

A lot of folks have a view of IT people as though they are some kind of priesthood, and all too many IT people are happy to feed this notion. There's nothing inappropriate about trying to inform people about this. Maybe their IT guy could benefit also by realizing that his job security doesn't ultimately depend on having to be directly involved in every process. He would also get "guilt-free vacations".

Maybe, for some reason, STR really needs a very complicated release process that has to be shepherded by an IT expert, but I doubt it. If they do have such a complicated process, it is probably because no one there has kept up to date on advancements. Maybe now they will look into it, and save themselves a lot of work in the future.

Okay, maybe a tad rude ... to the IT guy. So, sorry about that dude. I'm not trying to be rude.

But look at this way. Either I'm wrong for some reason, and he gets to come here and explain why I'm a fool, or he could benefit from a little nudge.

Either way, I don't see it as at all out of line to point out what I have pointed out in the manner I did so. I'm just trying to provide some helpful information. I may not always agree with the content of the program, but I am a regular listener and I would like for the program to continue successfully. If I spot an area where they could benefit from increased efficiency, I think it's good for me to point it out.

Isn't it amazing how we like to speculate? :)
We just love to hammer all the possible causes for the effect we witness. Of course the only one who can actually shed any light on this is people in the know...and we aren't it. ;)

>>the IT person either lacks basic competence or is engaged in short-sigted job-protection tactics

Eric, it's best not to attack the integrity and/or competence of someone when you don't know anything about the situation. Those are not even remotely the only two options.

Louis, unfortunately an automated process can't create the enhanced podcast where it's divided into chapters according to the questions, write the descriptions of the questions and their times, or add the opening and closing (among other steps that need to happen on our website). Especially since the technology failed us on Sunday and we have to re-record it from the station tapes and then go through these steps.

I didn't realize this molehill was going to become a mountain.


It is not true that I don't know anything about the situation. We have several key pieces of information. I have pieced these together and attempted to offer constructive criticism to your organization. Rather than take it for what it's worth, you choose to see it as an attack. That's unfortunate. I haven't attacked anyone's integrity, and I see no problem with pointing out possible competency shortcomings. If STR wants to remain beholden to unnecessarily restrictive processes rather than question anyone's abilities, then that's up to you. But don't turn it into some kind of transgression on my part simply because I have pointed out the possibility.

Nothing in your list of of things that must be done should require the intervention of an "IT guy". Now, if you use the term "IT guy" in some completely non-standard way, then don't blame me for the misunderstanding. All of the tasks you cited should be performed by "Domain Experts", not by "IT Specialists". A good IT person should see to it that the Domain Experts can accomplish these tasks without assistance. If you don't want to hear that, fine, but don't turn it into something it isn't.

I stopped reading STRs blog a while back because of all the vitriol....thought I'd try again. Looks like things haven't changed...just the names of those who practice the fine art of abusive language. Genuinely amazing that I can't find a Christ-centered blog. I'll check back in a few months.

okuma, since we have many non-Christians who comment on this blog (like above), it's unreasonable to expect them to be Christ-centered. However, you always have the option of reading the posts without the comments if that's what you prefer. And we hope you'll continue to do so.


I suspect okuma is referring to the accusations against me on this thread for having simply offered advice (although I would say 'vitriol' is a bit of an exaggeration - y'all haven't been that bad). It's a bit presumptuous of you to assume that I, or some other non-Christian, is the target. I would think that a Christian would expect other Christians to be Christ-centered, but would not reasonably expect this of non-Christians, so the charge only makes sense if leveled against the Christian authors and/or commenters on the blog.

Of course, it's always possible that someone is being unreasonable, but I prefer to grant the benefit of the doubt.

like I said, we are not in the know and apparently you are. :)

The best I could probably do with the chapter thing, which I suspected was probably a part of the problem, would be to have the information in a separate text file and use AutoMate to plug them in automatically at those points using existing software. It would be a bit of a programming challenge to do it, but if it can be done then all that would be required is the chapter information in a text file. However, as you stated, you had other technical problems to cope with that made things even worse.
Sometimes you just can't help those gremlins no matter what and it isn't the tech guy's fault.

Time to extend our thanks to him for all the work he's done in the past and wish him continued success.

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