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September 15, 2010


I know that this post is intended primarily to encourage readers to listen to Greg's study...Still, there's a fairly obvious reply to Dawkins:


To elaborate, this latest book that Hawking co-wrote with Leonard Mlodinow is a work of popular science. The only new materials that could be present in such a book are the non-scientifc conclusions and educated guesses about scientific theory of one or both of the authors. There are no 'findings' in this book. So Derek's setup for the Dawkin's quote is flawed. And the Dawkins quote is obviously based on the idea that the new book contains 'findings' as well. He goes on to draw conclusions from these 'findings'.

If Hawking, or Mlodinow for that matter, really had delivered the coup de grace to God in physics, he would have done so on the pages of Physical Review or some similar journal. God's banishment from physics would have been old news long before this popular book was published.

What a strange claim. First Hawking posits an unverifiable hypothesis. The many worlds theory. The theory can't be verified even in principle. Second, the assumption is all universe configuations exist that means universes in which quantum mechanics is invalid. But Hawking is claiming the universality of quantum mechanics. Hawking thinks quantum theory applies to all universes at all times. If he dosen't think that then he has lost his mechanism for multiverse creation. But if all possibilites exist, then there must exist a universe that invalidates quantum theory as that is a possibility. But that would contradict the universality of quantum physics.

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