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December 16, 2010


It doesn't seem to be available through that link Amy. The lectures from last year are there (Greg's 'defending the faith without sounding defensive'), but not the new one you mention. I'll keep looking. Cheers,

Keith, that link should take you directly to the video. It should say "Annual Apologetics Weekend: Who Is Jesus? Pt. 4" directly under the video. You have to skip several minutes past Rick Warren, and Greg comes on after that. If it's not showing up, your computer might be having trouble with the video format, so try the audio version.


Is there any way to get the actually mp3 file - so that I can listen to this on my Ipod? Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas!

Yes, you can download it from Saddleback's podcasts on iTunes here.

This may seem like an odd question, while I appreciate the birth and resurrection of Christ, I have a family member who has moved from traditional Christian orthodoxy into a more "messianic" approach (she calls it "taking up the Torah"). It has resulted in the dropping of Christmas celebration and the addition of many Jewish traditions - though not full on Kosher law keeping. I don't know quite how to feel about this lessening of focus on Jesus. Should I be concerned?

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