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January 10, 2011


That's great. I have several of the NT letters re-typed for myself where I have removed the chapters and verses.

I'll have to check out the ESV version. That's great!

Yay! I love the ESV.

The greatest method I've discovered recently is that of listening to the Bible as an audiobook, particularly if I listen to a whole Gospel or Epistle whilst out on a long walk...

If anyone is interested, there is an open-source, free bible study software package for Windows and Linux called Xiphos, which also allows you to turn the chapters and verses off, in addition to many other useful features.

Are any of the above available as an app for an andriod phone?

Does anyone know of any printed editions like this?

We should petition ESV for a chapter-and-verse(and headings; I can't stand headings)-less print edition!

there is a bible without chapters and verses you can buy called - the books of the bible

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