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January 05, 2011



I hope it's cheap so that I can afford it! Wow, two of my favorite authors/speakers trapped on a boat to answer my dumb questions :D

Awesome! Maybe we could finally convince them to do a debate over Calvinism vs. Molinism. That would be awesome! And very much needed in our current time when the whole calvinism/arminianism discussion (or debate) seems to have flared up like a field fueled by foxes with torches tied to their tails.

From what I understand Bill Craig doesn't do "in-house" debates. :(

Swing by Corpus Christi Texas sometime Greg!!!

This will be great! I can't wait - I'm saving up my $ now. :)

These dates are ON my calendar! I've LONGED to be on these cruises and listened eagerly to the pre- & post-trip descriptions of every one to date. I pray God will both begin 2012 by making possible my first bon voyage w/ STR, and also grant that it may not be my last. As Greg & others reveal following every cruise to date, these opportunities are enriched on every level. I'm as eager to get to know fellow STR enthusiasts/supporters as to absorb all the instruction I can. May it be, Lord.

Claudia, here is my post-trip description of the last cruise to Alaska in case you're interested.

I also posted a video on youtube. I don't expect there to be glaciers in Mexico, though. :-(

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