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January 20, 2011


Even non-Christian UFOlogists say that the beings that are encountered seem to be interdimensional and that they contradict laws of physics. I go to Dr. Ross' Sunday school class at our church and he basically says that there's no way that the UFO's come from distant stars or planets. If you take the closest star, which is 4 light years away, it would take something like 14,000 years to get to earth and that's traveling at what scientist believe is the fastest that anything could travel in space (200,000 mph). The whole traveling through a worm hole thing is just a theory and astro physicists don't even know if worm holes can really exist.

So the bottom line is these things are just spirit beings and most likely demons.

Is this posted 71 days early?

does Dr. Ross believe that life exists on other planets?

ive heard him debate before, and read some of his writings, but im not certain ive come across his view on extra terrestrial life.

We don't have any evidence that life exists on other planets, but absolutely positive evidence that it existed once on a moon for a very brief period of time. Then it left. ;)

Hugh Ross has a book called "little green men" which unpacks the ufo phenomenon as well.

Louis, I would love to see this evidence for life on the moon... (?)

Try this.


I'm only on the third session but am enjoying them and appreciate the fact that they are realizing that the argument concerning rUFOs must be taken on despite stigma surrounding it and they are doing it in a Christian and academic way. Bravo.

The series was great. I have often wondered if some of the Greek mythos is actually demonic in nature and if many of the ancient religious codes were actually inspired by these demons. We tend to think in physical terms even though our faith is very spiritual. The bottom line is that Satan is still trying to undermine God by deceiving people.

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