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April 22, 2011


Is this story fabricated, or historically verifiable?

I have the same question. Fascinating story though. I'll have to do some more research on ol' Nicholas.

Why does it matter whether it is historically verifiable? It is probably a simple story made up to make the point. (an Analogy)

As an analogy it makes its point well.

Regardless of Historical proof, it is a message that goes beyond historical facts about Nicholas but speaks on the reality of what God has done on our behalf even though our own blood is required to pay for our sins.

It matters for how it is presented. If people think this is a true event in history, and present it as such, they are doing Christians a disservice. We should present history as history and moral myths as moral myths.

I am also interested because I find true stories more impactful. It's easy to make up an amazing story, but difficult to find an amazing story.

I read a true story about John Newton. I'm not sure what I would feel like had I destroyed thousands of lives and traded slaves for decades, seperating countless spouse from spouse, child from parent, parent from child, and, simply, killing for profit. His song Amazing Grace captures it well I think.

Somehow Christ's Ransom brings forgiveness to the unforgivable. We cannot ever undo what we've done. John Newton couldn't undo what he did in ten thousand life times. It is truly "unpayable" by us. There was no way, but He made a Way for us, and by His love for His beloved she is rescued. Amazing.

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