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May 03, 2011


I am listening to the podcast now.

I WANT TO GO TO A SCHOOL LIKE THIS! Man alive, it all sounds amazing. If I had children I would move heaven and earth to get them to one of these schools.

Disclaimer: I haven't heard the podcast nor read the book.

I'm sure these schools are great but they are also invariably expensive. And I'm not going to buy that a school can build faith and character in my kids better than I as a Dad can.

@Kpolo Agreed, We are a home schooling family following a classical trivium method at a fraction of the cost of sending one's child to a classical school. (Nevermind the cost if there isn't one near you) There are so many resources nowadays for home schools to implement the classical method. I am sure the schools do turn out some well equipped members of His kingdom and don't mean to disrespect them. However, it is important that people realize that you can train your children via the trivium without moving heaven and earth. And the family bond you create from homeschooling is an immeasurable addition to the academic benefits of classical schooling.

A simple Google search will turn up more information than one could use in a lifetime but these are some resources that can help home schoolers who want to educate their children in the classical style:

Teaching the Trivium - Bluedorn
The Well Trained Mind - Bauer

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