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July 26, 2011


"You've" proven it true? You betray your own glorification here just as you do when you look down your nose and (hypocritically) decry any Christian who has more material wealth than any other person on the planet.

Sorry you missed the boat Daron.

Cute. I'm glad you didn't while you were amassing your worldly wealth. :)


The point remains that you do in fact have more material wealth than many people on this planet. The fact that you have a computer (despite giving other people them), the fact that you have a boat (despite sometimes sharing it), the fact that you have food to eat, and likely a roof over your head.

You say "I don't sell things, I give them away," but isn't this unbiblical as the Book of Acts records Christians selling their belongings to give to those in need. Selling your possesions is a biblical possibility. If you were really sincere about what you are preaching, you would sell your computer, your boat and your house and buy food for those who are starving right now.

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